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What We Do

Connect People

We collaborate with a host of different local organizations, from non-profits to unions to construction firms. Our goal is to link teams and individuals together in order to meet everyone’s needs and assemble a thriving community.

Provide Resources

There are specific barriers to hiring and getting hired. We provide both the employer and the employee with the necessary education, planning, contacts, support and resources to benefit from the hiring process.

Manage Accountability

Trust and reliability are indispensible when it comes to staffing. We follow up, check in, and maintain open communication with each of our clients, taking careful measures to assure all parties are satisfied with each other and our services.

Establish Partnerships

We invest in our local community and strive to create lasting relationships with various groups in our area. We believe building a foundation of trust and combining our efforts, we can sustain the services we all provide in the long term.

Invest in People,

Invest in Progress 

Unions struggle to find apprentices. Construction firms scramble to find workers. Non-profits compete to find positions for people in their programs. Marginalized men and women fight to make ends meet.

Today, more leaders and managers are becoming aware of systemic pressures that keep people out of the work force. There are more diversity requirements being put in to place, while the largest generation in the United States transitions into retirement.

We believe progress is built from the ground up. By coordinating the variety of needs and values of the organizations and individuals in our community, Bond Staffing Solutions helps convert poverty to prosperity. We emphasize the importance of localized, people-centered ambition to improve both social and economic well-being.


Consistent Communication

There are jobs that need people and people that need jobs — and quite possibly an equal amount of barriers to closing that gap. Many of the problems encountered during hiring actually stem from a breakdown of communication.

At Bond Staffing Solutions, we pride ourselves on our ability to communicate precisely and thoroughly, pinpointing the needs of clients and providing continuous support through the entire hiring process.


We listen carefully, ask the right questions, and dial in on the specific demands of your situation. With a solid understanding of your needs, we can formulate a solid plan to meet them.


At Bond Staffing Solutions, we will provide the resources, connections, and customized strategies needed to meet your goals. Joining forces with us means you join forces with a community. We can help you build the bridge to success.


 We commit to our clients and we follow through, because providing comprehensive support through the complete process of hiring is key to complete satisfaction. Our goal is to maintain relationships and continue to benefit clients on an ongoing basis.

Opportunity for All

Let’s be real — staffing is a complicated process.

And that’s because people are complicated creatures. They come from different backgrounds. They have different perspectives, expectations, and challenges. They have different demands and desires they need to fulfill.

At Bond Staffing Solutions, we place ourselves in the middle of all of that confusing and intricate business. We negotiate, network, and connect the dots to help individuals and industries succeed. We eliminate the messy work for HR Departments and new recruits alike.

Companies and unions struggle to assemble their workforce, while minorities and individuals from disadvantaged groups struggle to fill open positions. On both ends, we see a lack of resources, education, and communication. Bond Staffing Solutions leads with clear, measurable and actionable resolutions to the problems companies and citizens face.

Your problem is our opportunity.

We see the potential for collaboration and development. Our belief is that by building bridges and uplifting individuals, the grander organizations and community at large become more resilient, prosperous and innovative. We focus closely on the people, non-profits, unions, and companies we work with to create a stronger whole. Let us create a solution for you so you can make it happen.


Our Focus