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With local organizations, we work to integrate people into the labor force in a steady, smooth and supportive way.

What are you looking for?

With our extensive local connections, Bond Staffing Solutions can help you find the talent you need in the trade skills industry. Let us help you hire your next recruit.

Our Process

Hiring is no easy feat. Finding the workers you need with the right level of talent, competence, and reliability is a lot of work in itself. At Bond Staffing Solutions, we create an environment for recruits that helps them master their skills and work ethic – giving you strong, capable, and dedicated personnel that augment your business’ success.



We offer free consultations to see how we can help your organization. Our focus is to understand your needs and create a plan to meet them.



We search out the best prospects from the local talent pool and provide assistance during the hiring process to make sure you find the right fit.



We establish goals and checkpoints for your new hire, making sure you have the coordination and support you need to meet those goals.


Why Choose Us


We believe the success of any institution depends on the power and progress of the individuals that particpate in it. Our aim is to improve circumstances for all – from the ground up, one worker at time.

Tailored Solutions

No Staffing Solution is ever exactly alike. We take pride in our ability to clearly understand and define what you’re looking for, and create a customized strategy to meet those objectives.

Connected to Community

We join forces with a number of local organizations including unions, non-profits, and construction firms. Our services expand with our network, continually increasing the value we provide.

Invested Locally

Founded in St. Louis, our interest and commitment is first and foremost based here. We develop local connections that benefit all parties, lifting up and strengthening our city as a whole.

Experienced & Knowledgeable

We put our focus and energy into every aspect of the hiring process. Our history with skilled trades and connections in the community inform our decisions and give us a well-rounded perspective.


At Bond Staffing Solutions we believe in building long-lasting relationships with everyone we work with. Our partnerships create a solid fondation to meet the variety of demands within skilled trade industries.

Let's Move Forward

We can help you find your direction and guide you to your destination — managing a cooperative, competent and committed team.

We take the difficult parts of staffing off your plate: candidate research, payroll processes, and drug and background screening. Most importantly, we follow through to make sure you’re satisfied with your new recruits.

Bond Staffing Solutions helps you do the work you’re best at, by handling the hiring process from start to finish. We provide continuous support, clear communication, and demonstrable value through our services.